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Tina Vitale

Forest, VA

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How many of you have a maid and if not why?

Posted on 5/06/10 at 2:32 PM By Tina Vitale | 26 Replies

I am doing some research and I am curious, how many people have a maid and if not why?

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Gary Grace

Phelan, CA

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I have debated to get a maid to do the deep cleaning in the house but kind of iffy about people I dont know in my house cleaning up after me
Posted on 8/05/11 at 9:14 PM


Saint Cloud, MN

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I am not sure that I would be satisfied with their work...I am a control freak, especially when it comes to cleaning. 

Posted on 7/12/11 at 4:20 PM

Reuben Mota

Greenville, TX

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Quote from Tina Vitale

I am doing some research and I am curious, how many people have a maid and if not why?

Posted on 5/23/11 at 5:23 PM

Jessica DeVries

Pingree Grove, IL

101 Community Rewards Points

We used to have a service come out, then stopped. We were always home when they would come, we would just stay on the opposite floor that they were cleaning.

The work they were doing started getting less and less for the same amount of money, so I told my hubby he could just take the kids out of the house, and I would do it myself.

Posted on 4/23/11 at 9:33 PM

Leigh Ann

Louisville, KY

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I can't afford a maid, I have been working 3 jobs for 21 months but even if I could afford one, I would not have one because I am a very private person and I would never be comfortable with a stranger in my home.
Posted on 4/18/11 at 1:19 PM

Marion Bloom

Huntington Beach, CA

134 Community Rewards Points
This actually sounds like a great Idea. I receive mailers all the time for maid service but I always feel uncomfortable about having someone looking at my dirt. Also I have a thing with hair, I don't like seeing strands of other people's hair in my place. So if a mail arrived I would need them to make sure hair was pulled back and items used would be clean prior to use. If that makes any sense.
Posted on 3/10/11 at 4:52 PM

Susan Mead

Ocala, FL

532 Community Rewards Points
Hey Jamie from Howell it is really great you sister helps you out.  She must be a great sister.
Posted on 3/05/11 at 12:28 PM

Susan Mead

Ocala, FL

532 Community Rewards Points
In fact if anyone has a bright idea on how to cut down on house work and still keep everything clean please let me know.
Posted on 3/05/11 at 12:23 PM

Susan Mead

Ocala, FL

532 Community Rewards Points
I would love to have a maid but I can not afford one.
Posted on 3/05/11 at 12:20 PM

jamie esser

naugatuck, CT

645 Community Rewards Points
After reading some of the comments I now don't feel so alone...Noone cleans like me...I'd have to clean before someone came to clean and after they left!
Posted on 3/05/11 at 10:40 AM
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