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Bella & Tank's Mom

Galloway, OH

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What's the one chore that you most HATE to do?

Posted on 2/17/10 at 2:58 AM By Bella & Tank's Mom | 254 Replies

I HATE dusting, but I use the dusting attachment on my Bissell Lift-Off Revolution to knock it out as quickly as possible. What I cannot vacuum, I hit with a Swiffer duster.

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Susan Sucher

Spring Grove, IL

142 Community Rewards Points

Toilets!  I have 6 boys, so this can be a really difficult task...

Posted on 3/22/10 at 12:07 AM

darlene ewan

Hagerstown, MD

41 Community Rewards Points

I hate cleaning up and mopping the floor. It takes a lot of my time . 

Posted on 3/11/10 at 9:04 PM


Hollister, CA

142 Community Rewards Points

DUSTING-I use the swiffer

Posted on 3/11/10 at 4:55 PM

Megan Wagner

Valley, NE

281 Community Rewards Points

I really hate cleaning bathtubs & showers.

Posted on 3/10/10 at 3:09 PM


Hesperia, CA

142 Community Rewards Points

i hate em all. i am the type of person who cleans as they go but my hubby does not. i hate having a lot of stuff to clean.

Posted on 3/04/10 at 2:59 PM

Nick Wilkes

Altoona, PA

505 Community Rewards Points

Cleaning up dog poop

Posted on 3/03/10 at 7:47 PM

Annyatta Gibbs

Long Beach, CA

83 Community Rewards Points

Doing the dishes has to be the most tedious task. It seems as if, they're never done. As soon as they're clean someone will use them.

Posted on 3/03/10 at 3:39 PM

Bell Chelle

camby, IN

281 Community Rewards Points

Doing the dishes! Its only me and my fiance but i swear we use enough dishes for a family of ten!

Posted on 3/02/10 at 5:46 PM

Nicole Mitchell

Philadelphia, PA

62 Community Rewards Points

I would have to say food shopping...because I always seem to go when I am hungry and I end up buying more than needed. And besides it is a work out you figure you have to shop, bag, then load the car and then finally put everything away.

Posted on 2/22/10 at 9:32 PM

diana aguilera

colorado springs, CO

211 Community Rewards Points

laundry! it is such a pain to carry all of my stuff to the laundry matt

Posted on 2/21/10 at 5:29 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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