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Any tips for quick and easy dinners after a busy day?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:32 PM By BISSELL | 90 Replies

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Boiling Springs, PA

556 Community Rewards Points
We double up on meals - Sunday we may make steak or chicken on the grill and we'll cook two extra pieces so that on Tuesday we can have steak or chicken salad.  This works well with several things - the extra steak or chicken can be used for tacos, sandwiches, etc.
Posted on 8/04/10 at 2:42 PM

Mary Curtis

Gilbert, AZ

140 Community Rewards Points
We have a left over night...
Posted on 8/03/10 at 12:54 PM

Lauren Smith

Fort Carson, CO

203 Community Rewards Points
Crock Pot meals are it for recipes!
Posted on 7/29/10 at 9:55 PM

Raymond Johnston Jr

Jasper, GA

94 Community Rewards Points
I agree with many of the others on here. I like to cook a lot more food then we are going to eat, like making a roast for 7 or 8 people instead of a size for just the two of us. I then freeze it in portions that will be enough for a meal. I also do the same thing when cooking most types of dried beans, they freeze very well.
Posted on 7/13/10 at 5:16 PM

Vito Caramia

New York, NY

262 Community Rewards Points

Purchase a Nuwave Oven! 

I put in frozen chicken, fish, steaks and cook them fast.

No need to defrost!

Posted on 8/17/10 at 12:16 AM

shelby mcquown

San Antonio, TX

246 Community Rewards Points
I  make the meal the night before then put it in the oven when I get home from work.
Posted on 8/15/10 at 11:33 PM

iva runyon

forest hills, KY

120 Community Rewards Points
Stop by the deli at your local store and purchase a  large rotisserie  chicken.  Add a salad or veggies.  Any leftover chicken can be used the next day to top a salad or make a sandwich!
Posted on 8/09/10 at 1:07 AM


Santa Cruz, CA

176 Community Rewards Points

there's nothing like take out for no worry dinners. but if you want taste make it homemade and make enough to freeze for another dinner. i usually do a lot of weekly cooking on sunday, or your day off. since i like to cook it's not a chore for me. then i make enough for the week to freeze so i can take it out in the morning and when i get home it's ready to just heat up and eat!

Posted on 6/18/10 at 7:42 PM


San Antonio, TX

274 Community Rewards Points

I also cook and freeze meals for later consumption. I see that there are many "like minds" here! Awesome!!

Posted on 6/14/10 at 9:21 PM


Roseville, CA

155 Community Rewards Points

when i go out to eat, i get a large portion so i can take it home and freeze it for another day

Posted on 6/09/10 at 7:10 PM
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