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What do you do to cut down on waste?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:39 PM By BISSELL | 78 Replies

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Boiling Springs, PA

556 Community Rewards Points
We use a rainbarrel for watering our plants and we throw vegetable scraps in our composter for using in soil.  Everything else we recycle.
Posted on 8/04/10 at 12:56 PM

Mary Curtis

Gilbert, AZ

140 Community Rewards Points
We recycle everything. We also refill water bottles and use them twice...
Posted on 8/02/10 at 12:06 PM

Virginia Grubb

Lehigh Acres, FL

80 Community Rewards Points
First, I have 2 Compost sites.  Along with re-cycling, I try to buy things that are made with recycled items. The rugs on my porch are made from plastic water bottles! I also try to re-purpose items.  Most of my "Tupperware" containers were bought with other goods in them.  My dog treat container originally had peanuts, my rice containers originally had Chex Mix in them, and my inside compost scrap bucket originally had dishwasher detergent in it.  I just made a decorative cover for it.  Looks great.
Posted on 8/02/10 at 8:00 AM

michael cogswell

Glen Allen, VA

103 Community Rewards Points
I read local newsprint recycling programs might not really cut down on waste.  Any thoughts
Posted on 8/01/10 at 12:34 PM

mike davis

Kent, OH

103 Community Rewards Points
When people ask, I say "somebody's gotta save the world"
Posted on 7/19/10 at 12:54 PM

Janet Gaeta

Staten Island, NY

278 Community Rewards Points
We recycle metal, glass & paper.  Return soda bottles and water bottles for recycling in the store.  Donate clothes to charities and use the largest bottles of detergents to cut down on waste.
Posted on 7/17/10 at 2:17 AM

Dana Florence

Bulverde, TX

168 Community Rewards Points

I try to keep track of what we have as to not waste it.   We do not waste much in food because we have chickens to feed the scrapes to and a composter for our garden.

   We give our clothes to charities.

Posted on 7/03/10 at 11:49 PM

elizabeth moore

Arnold, MO

290 Community Rewards Points

Since the 1970s when my father taught me, I've recycled metal cans, glass jars & I think maybe all paper products.

So when I moved out on my own & started my own family in the 1980s I got them into recycling whatever plastic, metal cans, glass jars & paper products that were allowed where I now lived.

I, too, use daylight for reading, etc, by, versus indoor lighting.  And for a couple years now I've been buying fluorescent lights versus incandescent.

Additionally, when I can remember, I use those store-bought fabric bags.

Posted on 7/01/10 at 7:36 PM

darren seesholtz

Lancaster, OH

428 Community Rewards Points
recycle cans and shred paper.
Posted on 7/01/10 at 6:52 PM

Amy Vanwyk

Fayetteville, NC

102 Community Rewards Points

We recycle and use natural light during the day rather than room lights.

Posted on 6/21/10 at 9:27 AM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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