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What do you do to cut down on waste?

Posted on 2/01/10 at 8:39 PM By BISSELL | 78 Replies

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michele bentley

Cordova, MD

385 Community Rewards Points
We try to burn paper waste and recycle

Posted on 1/28/12 at 12:21 PM


Melvin, MI

411 Community Rewards Points

Our county has a recycling center that accepts plastic, glass, styrofoam, newspaper, cardboard, cans batteries and used motor oil.

My state requires a deposit on soda and beer cans/bottles, so these are returned to the store.

Our post office has a bin for junk mail.

I have a composter that we put food scraps in. Any meat scraps are fed to our barn cats.

We use cloth bags for shopping. If we do have plastic bags, we use them to line trash cans. We also live in an area that allows burning so we burn things like used tissues, box board, etc.

Other things, I try to find a use for. If I can't and no one else wants it, then it gets tossed.

We have solar panels on the house so this helps with the heat. Propane heat is kept low, unless someone is showering then it gets turned up. Showers are limited to 10 minutes. Lights are turned off when not needed.

We try to cook only what we can eat at that meal. If is something bigger, like chili, then it is frozen right away in single serving sizes. The 1# butter dishes are great for this. If leftovers can't be frozen then they need to be eaten within 3 days. We sometimes have a "clean out the fridge" day.

We also have a grage sale at least once a year and what's left over gets donated to the thrift store.

I have been trying to find a place that takes worn clothing and old shoes. I hate throwing things like this in the landfill.

Posted on 12/21/11 at 5:24 PM

Daniel Son

Waco, TX

202 Community Rewards Points
Being single in a small apartment, I don't think i produce too much waste. I mostly just reuse the plastic bags i get from grocery stores to carry my lunch in. I also carpool to work
Posted on 11/07/11 at 8:00 PM


Shawnee, KS

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I compost, and use on my gardens the following year.
Posted on 11/01/11 at 3:38 PM

nick gombar

Buckeye, AZ

648 Community Rewards Points
Posted on 10/14/11 at 1:39 PM

John Drillock

Barboursville, VA

472 Community Rewards Points
Like some others, I use re-usable canvas grocery bags, save newspapers and cans for recylcling.  We don't have a mandatory recycling program here.  And, when shopping, I do look for products with small amounts of packaging.  That is such a waste the way some products are packaged.  I realize some products are overly packaged to prevent shoplifting but manufacturers can do a bette job with packagiing.  Overall, just try to re-use and recycle what can be and have a compost too like some others.  Lights get turned off when no one is in the room.  Shopping trips are more carefully planned than before....there's quite a bit we all can do.
Posted on 10/11/11 at 11:24 PM


Norco, CA

105 Community Rewards Points

Quote from BISSELL

I let my kids recycle, plastic bottles and aluminum they could make some extra money on the side plus help the environment at the same time..we also get our filtered water from a water store nearby for .25 cents a we don't have to buy water bottles and just throw them away..we all have our own aluminum water bottles that can be reused over and over again....we just use 2 of those 5 gal. igloos that are very well insulated...they never get hot inside of them..they are a lot safer, easier to wash and refill than any of those regular 5 gal. plastic bottles with bpa in them...

Posted on 10/03/11 at 7:35 PM

Angel Clarke

Tampa, FL

116 Community Rewards Points
I try not to use plastic bags when i go to the grocery store, i bring my own bag
Posted on 10/03/11 at 12:10 PM

Steven Lowe

Jefferson City, MO

79 Community Rewards Points
Recycle everything I can. I also use some items for my artwork.
Posted on 9/25/11 at 3:30 PM

Page 2010

Tucson, AZ

300 Community Rewards Points
I recycle newspapers and plastic bags ( these are what I have the most).
Posted on 9/20/11 at 12:12 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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