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Hollister, CA

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How do you combat your allergies?

Posted on 3/11/10 at 4:45 PM By Monicca | 19 Replies

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Queens, NY

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Old-school Sudafed used to be my go-to for allergy flare-ups and colds, but they've changed their ingredients and I'm not sure it's still as good. My father swears by Nyquil, if you can stand the taste and drowsiness.

Posted on 6/05/10 at 7:48 PM


Mansfield, OH

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These are tips my allergist shared with me.  If possible get rid of carpeting in the bedroom, if you can't make sure it is vacuumed Often with a HEPA type cleaner.  Also dust often and they even have a new Endust Hypo-allergenic spray cleaner that helps clean surfaces and stops the dust from flying around in the air while your cleaning.  Also, try to keep your windows SHUT in the bedroom and the area's you are in the most often.  It's tempting to open them when it's nice out, but my allergist says that only allows all the pollution and allergens a way to come into your home.  Also she recommended a HEPA type air purifier, and I found a HUGE difference when I got one.  I bought a Honeywell that has HEPA, Ionic and Ultra-Violet light to kill bacteria and the difference in my allergies is amazing!  I run the purifier all the time, 24 hours a day and keep my windows shut.. oh ALSO keep you air conditioner filter very clean and if possible get one of the 3M high filtration filters. It all will make a huge difference and I sleep so much better now.  Oh and this one is very important according to my allergist,  Always shower or at the very least, wash your face and Hair BEFORE bed.. that keeps any pollen and allergens from your outdoor time, from getting in your nose and on your pillow.  It's best to change your bed sheets often too if you have bad allergies, and if possible use Hot water (to kill dust mites) a common allergen AND sorry one last thing.. Vacuum your bed mattress with attachments at least once a month.  Good luck and thanks 

Posted on 5/20/10 at 1:51 AM


West Grove, PA

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whoops i spelled prescription wrong. The furminator looks like a comb for dogs . I think they have one for cats too. Can be bought at pet shops.

Posted on 4/15/10 at 8:56 PM


West Grove, PA

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I vaccum and dust everyday. I use the furminator (which is great it takes alot of hair off my bassett hound including his undercoat.) Oh of course my prescriptsion meds. My allergies are driving me crazy . But doing these things do help.

Posted on 4/15/10 at 8:50 PM

Lisa Nelsen-Woods

Columbus, OH

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I steam clean my carpets more often. Especially when I get a sinus headache or a migraine.

Posted on 4/15/10 at 8:42 PM

Erica Petty

Dayton, TX

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Claritin for sure! And Zyrtec and vaccuum!

Posted on 4/14/10 at 1:29 AM

melody patterson

arlington, TX

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I try to keep my carpet clean and dust frequently and I always keep back up medication just in case i have an attack.

Posted on 4/11/10 at 2:24 PM

Susan Sucher

Spring Grove, IL

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I use claritin, and a neti pot.

Posted on 3/22/10 at 12:57 AM


Hollister, CA

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dust more often

Posted on 3/11/10 at 4:46 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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