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Tyler Smith

Ashland, OH

169 Community Rewards Points

What causes your allergies?

Posted on 2/07/10 at 5:36 PM By Tyler Smith | 16 Replies

What causes your allergies?

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Marne Hamilton

Omaha, NE

385 Community Rewards Points
Anything green that grows outside, dust, mold, animal name it, and I am probably allergic to it!
Posted on 3/21/11 at 1:47 PM

Nicole Colon

Bridgeport, CT

152 Community Rewards Points
oops misunderstood....the direct contact is due to dust mice, cats, dogs, dust, meldow....
Posted on 3/03/11 at 11:47 PM

Nicole Colon

Bridgeport, CT

152 Community Rewards Points
Direct contact causes my allergies.
Posted on 3/03/11 at 11:46 PM

Anastacia Garcia

Albuquerque, NM

104 Community Rewards Points
Oh man, lots of things! Dust, animals, pollen, sad
Posted on 2/12/11 at 5:54 PM

Jenny Graddy

Estero, FL

269 Community Rewards Points
Dust mites and tree pollen. Although I am also VERY sensitive to fragrances. Can't be around them or wear them. I accidentally bought fragranced deoderant and when I used it I was sick and dizzy :(
Posted on 8/16/10 at 9:24 PM

iva runyon

forest hills, KY

120 Community Rewards Points
I have seasonal allergies.  But when I go to do deep cleaning, such as removing curtains, going thru items that have been stored in closets, or do extra cleaning such as spring cleaning when you dig up a little more dust....the sneeezing begins.
Posted on 8/12/10 at 6:30 PM


Cleveland, OH

373 Community Rewards Points
warmer weather conditions & certain scents from perfumes, colognes, body sprays & household products. Plus dust, pollen, mold, smoke, fresh cut grass, some plants & flowers in addition to certain animals especially cats, but that doesn't stop me from loving them & being around them. Also some foods such as diary, beef & eggs including particular medications.
Posted on 7/13/10 at 5:37 PM


Salem, OR

101 Community Rewards Points

I'm allergic to dust mites and mold.

Posted on 6/05/10 at 10:28 PM


Queens, NY

176 Community Rewards Points

Dust and pollen usually triggers my allergies

Posted on 6/05/10 at 8:11 PM


Burlingame, CA

119 Community Rewards Points

mainly smoke and dusty dander ridden rooms.

Posted on 4/17/10 at 4:54 PM
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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