Closet Space

No matter how many closets your home has, it never seems to be enough! The following tips will help you make effective use of the closets you have.


  • Rethink

    Rethink what should and should not be stored in a closet.

  • Empty Hangers

    Move empty hangers to one end of the closet to free up space in the middle. 

  • Child's Closet

    If there's some room in a child's closet, use the free space to store some adult clothes.  

  • Start Over

    Removing all the items out of a closet and reorganize. Dust and vacuum the closet to create a clean environment. 

  • Plastic Bags

    Do not store clothing in plastic bags. Plastic keeps the clothes from breathing and can cause discoloration. Plastic bags are also a safety hazard in homes with small children. Try to use dark-colored garment bags that do not allow light to reach the clothes. 

  • Style

    Avoid hanging on to clothes that are no longer in style with the hope that they'll eventually be hip again. If it's out of style, get rid of it.

  • Use Drawers

    Organize jeans in drawers, along with accessories such as belts and scarves. This stuff doesn’t need to be hanging around in the closet taking up space. 

  • Shoes

    Store shoes in labeled boxes or keep them in clear containers, on shoe racks or shelves. 

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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