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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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I am going to try the 2X Professional Deep Cleaner per your suggestions, and want to know if I should use a pre-treater? If so, with what?General Carpet Cleaning
I am looking for a stain remover that I can use in a deep cleaner. Also a pet order remover.Pet Stains
I am looking for the Bissell Stain Removal Kit. Where would I find it on your website? I have one, but would like another one.General Carpet Cleaning
I am so allergic to fragrance. What can I clean with? I have 2 dogs.Pet Stains
I am trying to clean urine odor out of my carpet, and the cleaner I am using seems not to help, actually after I shampoo the smell is greater.Pet Stains
I am using the Bissell Pro heat 2x, pet and foot traffic stains keep coming back after a carpet cleaning, I am using the pet stain remover shampooGeneral Carpet Cleaning
I assembled my Proheat 2x according to the directions and everything looks fine. However, when I begin to shampoo my carpet, no dirty water came out. What am I doing wrong?General Carpet Cleaning
I bought a used car with lipstick stains on the visor and headliner. How do I remove?Auto Stains
I called a carpet cleaner to clean our carpet instead of cleaning the whole area I have yellow highlighter all over my bedroom. Any ideas how to get it out?Household Stains
I came home to my apartment with 3 inches of water in my apartment. I have the Bissell Deep cleaner deluxe lift off. What can I use to get rid of this funky wet dog smell?Household Stains
I cleaned my carpet with BISSELL dual dirt lifter carpet cleaner with revitalizing 2X solution. My carpet is sticky. What can I do to correct this? Mahalo.General Carpet Cleaning
I did or the machine did use way to much soap on couch and chair. When it dry's it turns a whitish color. How do I remove the excess soap?Above-Floor Cleaning
I do not want to use anything but water to clean... is that possible?Bare Floor Cleaning
I had a Glad plug in that leaked light orange oil on my white carpet. Any ideas?Household Stains
I had an old card table in my bedroom and it started to rain and the rust from the card table left a long streak on my carpet?Household Stains
I have a 3 year kid that has spilled curry on carpet. I cleaned it but still have yellow spots of turmeric powder and food stains on carpet.Food and Beverage Stains
I have a beautiful rug with deep colors on top of my carpet. I have cleaned from the top of the rug, but the stains soaked through the carpet and now I have rug dye on the carpet. Help!General Carpet Cleaning
I have a Bissell proheat; can I use it on hardwood floors to remove glue that was used about 25 years ago to hold carpet down?Household Stains
I have a cleaning chemical that has taken the color out of my carpet is there any way to restore it and what do you do for dog urine in your carpet to remove the yellow stain?Pet Stains

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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