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Hello, I just purchased BISSELL Lift-Off Steam Mop and I want to ask if I can use chemical solutions or any cleaning potions?General Carpet Cleaning
Help!!! My husband ripped a hole in his pants then tried to fix with on iron on patch on the floor the iron on glue ended up leaving a hard dark spot on my carpet. Please help me get it out.Household Stains
Hi Eric! How can I remove dog drool and slobber stains from cloth car seats?Pet Stains
Hi, how can I remove candle wax that has dried on carpet?Household Stains
Hi, My daughter has gotten her toothpaste in quite a few spots on my carpet. I can't get it up. I have tried the Bissell 2x and pet stain remover. It is still there. What do you suggest?Household Stains
Home carpet traffic areas have tar or asphalt embedded into the carpet. I know the best way to prevent this is not to wear shoes in the house. BUT seeing we are past that, what would you suggest?Household Stains
How about removing blueberry stain (it turned reddish when dry) on black synthetic Mazda Sedan auto seat?Auto Stains
How about removing hair Dye that was spilled?Household Stains
How can I clean the grout between the tiles of my kitchen floor?Bare Floor Cleaning
How can I clean the pinprick holes in leather car seats?? I tried my spot bot, but it didn't help!Auto Stains
How can I get a slight orange tint out of my carpet which is from a heavy rubber, like a tire mat where my sons weight set was set? The carpet is beige off white.General Carpet Cleaning
How can I get Cheetos snack off my carpet?Food and Beverage Stains
How can I get dried glitter glue out of a carpet?Household Stains
How can I get dried silly putty out of my carpet?Household Stains
How can I get lipstick out of my carpet? Can I get blood out of my carpet?Household Stains
How can I get motor oil stains out of my carpet?General Carpet Cleaning
How can I get muddy paw prints out of a light colored carpet?Pet Stains
How can I get the shine back in wood floors after steam cleaning?Bare Floor Cleaning
How can I get tobacco smell out of carpet?Household Stains
How can I remove a water ring stain from my living room chair? Which I got after I removed the coffee stain.Food and Beverage Stains

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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