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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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Can you get out of nylon carpet orange felt marker and also bleach from pale yellow carpet?Household Stains
Can you please suggest something to whiten my almost white carpet? I just recently used the ProHeat 2X® and it removed all the stains, but it still doesn’t look bright and white.General Carpet Cleaning
Can you remove rust stains from carpet?Household Stains
Can you use a brush cleaner on Berber carpet?General Carpet Cleaning
Can you use the spotbot on an area rug that is over Hard Wood? Should I be concerned with the hardwood floor under the rug if I do?General Carpet Cleaning
Can you use vinegar in deep cleaners?General Carpet Cleaning
Candle wax was spilled on the carpet. How do I get it out?Household Stains
Carpet edge has black line stains. We just purchased the home.General Carpet Cleaning
Cat urinated on green tissue paper lying on our hardwood floor. Now a green stain is on the floor.Bare Floor Cleaning
Clean very old shower mold mildew and that entire gunk? Would one of your steam cleaners work on that?Household Stains
Combination of multiple spilling of beverages maybe some food too. Either way it appears no one ever tried to clean it up. If this was an older rug I would just replace. I'm a true Bissell fanGeneral Carpet Cleaning
Deep set in red wine stains on cream sofa cleaning code s?Food and Beverage Stains
Detergent stain on Vinyl flooring.Bare Floor Cleaning
Do I have to use BISSELL soap or can use any carpet cleaner?General Carpet Cleaning
Do you have any precautions or recommendations for cleaning a hand-woven oriental carpet?General Carpet Cleaning
Does peroxide on your formula remove carpet dye?General Carpet Cleaning
Does the pet stain and odor cleaner contain ammonia?General Carpet Cleaning
Dog diarrhea on rug. Yellow stain won't come out despite using Bissell oxypro. Is there anything else?Pet Stains
Dried Blood?Household Stains
Get ice tea stain out of carpetFood and Beverage Stains

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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