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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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Hi my husband splashed red wine on our silk lampshade can you tell me how to remove it?Household Stains
How do I get a coffee stain out of my light colored fabric upholstery in my car?Auto Stains
How would you recommend I get an orange juice stain out of my white linen bed?Above-Floor Cleaning
I am looking for something that will clean both upholstery and hardwood floors. It would be for cat vomit and urine stains. Will the Little Green work on couches? What cleaning solution?Above-Floor Cleaning
I have 7 indoor cats, so I am buying the SpotBot cleaner. I would like to know if there is a product made for this machine, or for my full-size Bissell carpet cleaner, that is NON-POISONOUS.General Carpet Cleaning
My dog got a hold of some of my red yeast rice capsules and chewed them up on the carpet and the oxy gen 2 didn't work the first time. Do you have any suggestions?Household Stains
Our dog ate a large amount of spreadable butter (butter blended with canola oil). He threw it up on the carpet. I cleaned with our spot bot, weeks later the spot began to reappear as a dark spot.General Carpet Cleaning
SpotBot pet carpet cleaner machine is not getting the cat vomit stains up. We followed directions using the Pet Stain & Odor formula and the Oxy Gen2 formula.General Carpet Cleaning
Walk ways and pee from a dog?Household Stains
About to use Little Green Pet for 1st time. It came with 2X Pet Stain for Compacts. An 8 oz. sample. What is ratio of water to cleaner and where can I find refill for compact?General Carpet Cleaning
After cleaning my carpet with BISSELL Fiber Cleansing advanced formula, some of the concentrate leaked onto the carpet which has left a spot. What can we do to eliminate the tinge?General Carpet Cleaning
After cleaning sofa pillows a long water mark is left after cleaning?Above-Floor Cleaning
After every winter, the carpet in my car is a rock solid chunk of carpet, salt, dirt and who knows what else. How can I get it out?Auto Stains
After using my BISSELL Pro Heat 2X, it brought up a big dirt ring. I cannot get it clean.General Carpet Cleaning
An ink cartridge from our printer was spilled on our light carpet and in an attempt by my husband to clean it, he spread it. What is the best way to get ink out of the carpet?Household Stains
Any advice on getting a pinesol stain out of beige carpet?Household Stains
Any help for black permanent marker?Household Stains
Any help you can provide to lighten these high traffic areas would be greatly appreciated.Household Stains
Any idea how to remove cat urine stains on an oak hardwood floor? Cat urinated on area carpet and it soaked thorough before we realized we had a problem.Pet Stains
Any ideas how to get rid of fleas with my carpet cleaning machine?General Carpet Cleaning

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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