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My daughter had spilt Kool-Aid on her bedroom carpet and allowed it to dry before telling us (Cherry) what would be a safe way to remove this stain?

Answer: Red Kool-Aid® is a notoriously difficult stain to remove! Red dye happens to be an acid dye – the same dye type used to color carpets in carpet factories. Therefore, carpet is actually designed to absorb these dyes. The good news is that the combination of carpet cleaning and using an oxygen-based formula like OxyPro® can provide very powerful color removal. I would start by giving the area a thorough carpet cleaning using a machine like the ProHeat 2X® deep cleaner or Lift-Off® deep cleaner. This will loosen and pull away any bits of the Kool-Aid® that’s not attached to the carpet. Then, use an oxygen-based cleaner likeOxyPro® or Stomp ‘N Go® stain lifting pads, which are soaked in an oxygen-based stain solution. I would recommend leaving the stain lifting pad on the carpet for 24 hours so that the oxygen has time to “eat” up as much of the dye as possible.
If your carpet is relatively new or has ever been cleaned with a formula using Scotchgard™, your chances of success at removing this stain are higher. Carpet that is old and worn is more likely to have open dye sites in its fibers, but using Scotchgard™ helps plug those open dye sites to keep color out.
Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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