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My wife spilled wax from a Sensa aroma candle on the carpet, any idea how to get it out?

Answer: There is hope for removing candle wax! If you do not have a deep cleaner the best recommendation is to spray the candle wax stain thoroughly with Tough Stain Pre-treat for Carpet & Upholstery, this will loosen the stain. Finish with OxyPro® Stain Remover for Carpet, if there is any remaining discoloration.

If you do have a deep cleaner, the best thing to do is to apply Tough Stain Pre-treat for Carpet & Upholstery to the stain to loosen up the wax. Then try deep cleaning the area with hot water and a portable deep cleaner and Little Green formula or an upright deep cleaner with  2X Professional Deep Cleaning formula. The diluting and flushing action from deep cleaning will be the best way to approach this stain. The hotter the water the better because it dissolves the wax. Tough Stain Pre-treat for Carpet & Upholstery is the key to removing this stain because it is BISSELL’s best grease dissolver, which is what candle wax is made of. If any hint of discoloration remains, apply OxyPro® Stain Remover for Carpet

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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