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I have purchased a carpet cleaner from BISSELL and would like to know what solution would remove mascara and red hair dye from a beige carpet. Would a normal solution remove these?

Answer: I have good news and bad news. First the good: While some types of cosmetics are full of color and/or may be permanent, many can be thoroughly removed from your carpet with the right tools.

Thin out the stain

After carefully scraping up any globs of make-up, you’ll want to carpet clean the spot to strip the make-up from your carpet’s fibers. You can do this with an upright or portable carpet cleaner and a BISSELL 2X Deep Cleaning formula, like our 2X Fiber Cleansing formula (for uprights) or 2X Little Green formula (for portables).

Remove the Stain

Next you’ll want to remove the discoloration from your carpet using an oxygen-based cleaner, like BISSELL OxyPro®. Test an inconspicuous area of your carpet with the product to test for colorfastness first. Spray OxyPro® on the stain and allow the product to work for about an hour, allow to dry and vacuum.

Oil-based make-up

If the make-up is oil-based, a general-purpose cleaner like BISSELL Tough Stain Precleaner™ will work best on the stain.

Now for the bad news: The hair dye is very likely to be a permanent stain. Although the chances of removing hair dye are slim, you could try pretreating the stain with OxyPro®. Then give carpet cleaning a try with a portable or upright machine with any of our BISSELL portable or upright formulas. 

Spilled hair dye can be very difficult to remove. Carpet cleaning is important because it will dilute and lift any remaining dye.OxyPro® may help break down the spilled dye color that got in your carpet fibers.

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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