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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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On shower doors, does white vinegar and hot water work to remove water stains and spots?Above-Floor Cleaning
One of my dogs urinated on my coffee table and the stain from the wood transferred onto the carpet (Deep Cherry color on blue carpet). Is there anything that will remove the stain?Pet Stains
Our carpet in the family room is deep and has padding over cement. It was flooded (water main broke). I have used our Pet Bissell to try to get up the water. Is there anything I can do to prevent moldHousehold Stains
Our cat urinated on our sofa. How do we treat it?Pet Stains
Our kitten had an accident on some fabric and the red dye bleed into our carpet. I purchased the spot bot pet combined with the Oxy Gen2 formula and the stain didn't come out. Thoughts?Pet Stains
Our Yorkshire Terrier deposited several urine stains on our parlor's plush carpeting. I purchased the Spot Bot to remove the smell and stain but it has not?Pet Stains
OxyGEN2 be used in the upright Bissell for overall carpet cleaning? It seems to do the job when the regular cleaners don't.General Carpet Cleaning
Regarding pet urine stains, it seems all your questions and answers talk about a cleaner with enzyme action. Do you have a product with enzymes that can be used in our new SpotBot Pet?Pet Stains
Removal of pet urine?Pet Stains
Salad Dressing (oil) got spilled on my barber carpet. Any suggestions?Household Stains
Should a clean water rinse be used after cleaning with a Bissell product that contains Scotchgard™?General Carpet Cleaning
Should you use cold water on pet stains first? Have been told that hot water will set the odor?General Carpet Cleaning
Someone spilled red Kool-Aid on my light carpet. I used plain water to get it out. It looks okay right now. I have a BISSELL Quick Steam.Food and Beverage Stains
The carpet in my Motor home has a red dirt stain on it. Is there any way to remove this?General Carpet Cleaning
The recliner sections of our couch leave grease or oil on our white carpet. How can we get the carpet clean?Household Stains
The used car we purchased smells like cigarettes. Help!Auto Stains
There is a cigarette stain in my carpet. Is it possible to remove the burnt discoloration?Household Stains
There is a glob of chocolate on the front skirt of my white, camelback sofa. I've gently scraped off most of it, but what do I use to remove the rest?Above-Floor Cleaning
There is a small yellow spot on my beige carpet. It was here when we purchased the house. Have no idea what it is. Tried deep clean on with the Spot Bot. It's still there. Any suggestions?General Carpet Cleaning
There is bleach on the carpet can I get it out?Household Stains

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