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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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My carpet will not come clean help I try the same spots everyday?General Carpet Cleaning
My cat coughs up fur balls and this yellow stuff along with it and the yellow stuff after I steam clean is still there lighter than what it was so how can I completely remove it?Pet Stains
My cat decided to mark her territory on my carpet. I immediately used spot cleaner on the stain, then my BISSELL deep cleaner. The smell seems to have intensified. What can I do?Pet Stains
My daughter had spilt Kool-Aid on her bedroom carpet and allowed it to dry before telling us (Cherry) what would be a safe way to remove this stain?Food and Beverage Stains
My daughter spilled fountain pen ink on our Berber kind of rug. What do I do?Household Stains
My dog stole a black Sharpie and chewed it over the white carpet. I got the majority of the stains out, but you can still see a shadow. Suggestions?Household Stains
My four and five-year-old sons decided to take their markers to my gray carpets! Nothing will get it out. Any suggestions?Household Stains
My grandson just colored the living room carpet. Any ideas for using a vac-type product to save her spending all day on her hands and knees?Household Stains
My grandson spilled fruit punch on my carpet, is it possible to get out?Food and Beverage Stains
My grandson spilled suntan lotion on the carpet. How can I get it out? The light tan carpet still looks green.Household Stains
My husband was using my Nissan Maxima to haul tires and the liner and seats are stained. Some stains may also be fixing a flat but, the head liner now has black marks from the tires?General Carpet Cleaning
My kids spilled their model volcano kit on my beige carpet. I've tried to vacuum it, but it seems to be spreading.Household Stains
My pet has been urinating on my ceramic floors. How can I remove the smell from the tile and grout lines?Pet Stains
My pet has urinated in several spots on my carpet. When I try to clean them, there are yellow stains and odor left behind. What can I do?Pet Stains
My son constantly drops microwave popcorn on the carpet and i can't get it clean. How do I get the butter out of my carpet?Food and Beverage Stains
My son had a big urine accident on our couch last night. What BISSELL machine and products do you recommend?Above-Floor Cleaning
My son spilled gasoline in our van can I use my BISSELL powersteamer to clean it out and what product can I use they recommended rubbing alcohol.Auto Stains
My son vomited red sugar free kool aid on to the carpet. I have tried multiple cleaners but nothing gets it out.Household Stains
My two year old like to color with red crayon on our white carpet! How do I get this out?Household Stains
My wife spilled wax from a Sensa aroma candle on the carpet, any idea how to get it out?Household Stains

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Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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