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StainSolver_imageBISSELL's Chief Chemist, Eric Hansen, has answered some of your top cleaning questions! Read them below, or browse and search by topic above. 


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I have purchased a carpet cleaner from BISSELL and would like to know what solution would remove mascara and red hair dye from a beige carpet. Would a normal solution remove these?Household Stains
I have red candle wax in my carpet. Any advice?Household Stains
I have six cats, need I say more? There will be mistakes and ooh oohs, but urine is hard to remove....anything new for that?Pet Stains
I have some thick, wool area rugs. Can I use a carpet deep cleaner?General Carpet Cleaning
I have the BISSELL cleaner and what ever solution I use nothing seems to help trying to do the stairs and they seem to get darker and wet. I just need something good and smells good traffic stainsGeneral Carpet Cleaning
I have two spots on my light carpet from flower pot water overflow. they are set in. Any ideas how to remove?General Carpet Cleaning
I have used the Bissell for our suede chairs in the dining room and they have water marks. How can I remove them?Above-Floor Cleaning
I have white ceramic tile in my kitchen and over time some of the tiles have yellowed slightly. I use the steam & sweep to clean using only steam. Any suggestions to bring it back to white?Bare Floor Cleaning
I haven't used it yet, but I wanted to know if the Hard Floor Solutions that I got with the bare floor part for my Quick steamer will whiten the grout in-between the floor tiles?Bare Floor Cleaning
I Just bought 2x ultra concentre Little Green. What is the ratio of water to product?General Carpet Cleaning
I just bought the ProHeat 2X® deep cleaner. Can I use it to get red Kool-Aid® stains out of my carpet?Food and Beverage Stains
I left a window open while I went on vacation, how do I remove yellow pollen stain from my carpets?General Carpet Cleaning
I live in a condo and the carpet has a lot of dark spots, looks like are old stains that never goes away. What is the best and cheapest way to clean it? or is better to recolor the carpet?General Carpet Cleaning
I moved some upholstered chairs in an enclosed U-Haul trailer. The chairs rubbed against the sides of the trailer during the move and left black places on the upholstery. What do you recommend?Household Stains
I purchased a ProHeat 2X® carpet cleaner, pre-treater, Oxy Gen2®, and deep cleaning formulas. I have never been deep cleaned before. In what order do I use these products?General Carpet Cleaning
I react to petroleum products - any suggestions to remove stains? Basically I use white vinegar and soda.General Carpet Cleaning
I sat on my white wool rug with new dark jeans, and the color rubbed off onto the rug. I tried to clean it, but now that it's dry, I see BIG faint yellow spots all over it. What can I do?Household Stains
I shampoo with the ProHeat and use the 2X formula and in a few weeks the spots all come back. Help!General Carpet Cleaning
I spilled liquid detergent on my carpet. How can I get it out?Household Stains
I spilled nail polish on my carpet. Went on line and found info to use Windex. Did that and it took out most, but not all AND left a blue tint. I've shampooed but need help!Household Stains

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