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Why does my Lift-Off® Floors & More have low or no suction?

Answer: 1. Start by removing the hand vacuum from the body of the unit. Remove the dirt container from hand vacuum and press the trigger to power the unit on. Then check for suction at the motor duct by placing the palm of your hand over the motor duct while on.  (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

53Y8 dirt container

    2. Make sure to empty the dirt container and then put the dirt container back on the machine.  Then check for suction at the end of the nozzle on the hand vacuum.

    • If there is no suction:
      • Check the nozzle on the dirt container for a clog.  (SEE  PICTURE BELOW)

53Y8 nozzle

      • Also, make sure the filter is clean.
        • If the filter is dirty, it will reduce the suction power.  The filter can be tapped against a garbage can or it can be rinsed with warm water and mild detergent.  It is very important to make sure the filters dry completely before using again.
        • If the machine is used frequently, the filter may need to be replaced.  Replacement filters come in a two pack and are available at: http://www.bissell.com/parts/?sc=part&partid=16598.

3. Check that the hand vacuum is installed properly onto the machine.  It should “click” into place when it’s seated properly.

4. It there still is no suction, the next step is to remove the foot assembly to check for clogs: (SEE PICTURES BELOW)

53Y8 clog

53Y8 clog 2

5. When finished, make sure the foot assembly is locked into place. It should “click” into place when it’s installed properly on the unit.

6. Finally, make sure the machine is fully charged.  The machine requires 24 hours of continuous charging before the first use, and 16 hours of continuous charging after the first use.  When the battery is fully charged, we recommend unplugging the unit from the charger. Please note, the light will stay on the entire time the machine is plugged in.

7. If the unit still has little or no suction, please click here to contact us for additional assistance:  http://www.bissell.com/customer-support/


Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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