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My ProHeat® Self-Propelled's Powerdrive isn't engaging. What can I do?

Answer: Powerdrive Not Engaging:

  1. First, make sure the Powerdrive Knob is in the “ON” position. The Self-propelled feature will not engage without the knob being in the “ON” position.


  1. Push the upper handle in as far as it will go to feel the most impact. If the handle has not fully engaged the Powerdrive feature will not work.

7950 Self Propelled Handle Space

ProSeries powerdrive self-propelled handle


Cleaner Sprays Without Engaging Trigger In Self Propelled Mode:

  1. Turn the Powerdrive knob to the “ON” position and remove the upper handle. Note:  the handle will not come off if the unit is in the “OFF” position.  Make sure the unit is unplugged and the main power is OFF.


  1. With handle removed, locate the black, spring loaded trigger valve from behind the unit.


  1. When looking down on the valve, it should be aligned so it appears to be square. If the valve is misaligned it will have a more diamond shape to it (picture below).


  1. Straighten the valve to the square shape and reinstall the handle.

7950 Self-Propelled Trigger Valve View

ProSeries Powerdrive self-propelled trigger valve

Power drive Information

Please be aware the power drive is only functional on one wheel. The wheel on the left hand side, as you are standing behind the unit, is the only wheel which is propelled by the power drive. The wheel on the right hand side is not propelled by the power drive system. This wheel will be locked when the unit is OFF and the Powerdrive knob is ON (RED). The wheel can be unlocked by turning the Power drive knob OFF (GREEN).

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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