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How do I replace the bladder in my ProHeat 2X®?

Answer: 1. First, let’s start by removing the tank from the machine. Be sure the tank is empty or you may end up a bit wet!


2. Next, unscrew the cap and gasket on the bottom of the tank and set them aside.


3. Pinch the top funnel of the bladder (where you put the water in) and move it to the side out of the slot. Then, pinch the bottom lip of the bladder under the tank to lift the bladder completely out.


4. Take the new bladder and line up the holes with those in the tank.


5. Pinch the bottom lip of the bladder and push or pull it through the bottom of the tank assembly. It might help if you grab part of the lip and pull it through partway and then push the rest of the lip through by pushing down through the top. Be sure that the bladder has been pushed all the way through and the rubber of the bladder completely rims the edge of the spigot.


6. Insert the funnel of the bladder into its slot in the tank.


7. Finally, re-secure the gasket and cap and tighten fully.

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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