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Swiffer® BISSELL® SteamBOOST™ 6639 8906 General Information

Answer: SteamBoost™ is 8.3 Amps; 1000 watts.


Where can I buy the SteamBOOST?

Look for the Swiffer BISSELL SteamBOOST at local retailers where Swiffer products are sold.


What types of floors can I use the SteamBOOST on?

Your SteamBOOST Steam Mop is designed to clean hard flooring such as ceramic tile, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, and sealed hard wood floors.  The SteamBOOST Steam Mop is not for use on unsealed wood floors.  Before cleaning, test in an inconspicuous area and check the care instructions from your flooring manufacturer.


**Model 8906 SteamBoost will come in three sections along with 2 STEAMBOOST Steam Pads.

  1. Upper Handle Piece
  2. Middle Handle Piece
  3. Lower Body with Head

Attach the upper handle piece to the middle handle piece by snapping it into place.  Align tables on the bottom of the handle assembly to lower body and push the handle down firmly until insertion line is completely covered by body housing.


**Model 6639 SteamBoost will come in two sections along with 2 STEAMBOOST Steam Pads.

  1. Handle Assembly
  2. Lower Body with Head

Attach handle assembly to lower body with head by aligning tabs and pushing unit until it snaps in place.

Handle Assembly

Model number location:  on the back of the machine.  Serial number is located next to the model number.

Adding Solution to Tank

NO solutions are to be added to the tank, including vinegar.

Specific questions regarding the pads must be referred to a Swiffer Pad Specialist by calling 800-611-2583 (9 – 6 EST M-F US or 9 – 5 M-F for French) or visiting www.swiffer.com or click on this link that will direct you to the Swiffer Email site to ask the specialist your question:






Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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