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Why is the brush roll on my Lift-Off® Floors & More not turning?


  • The first thing to check is the brush roll for an obstruction.
    • If there is an obstruction:
      • This unit features a Brush Roll Reset feature so if large debris becomes lodged in the brush roll it will shut off.
      • If this has happened, turn the unit off and remove the obstruction.
      • Wait approximately 15 minutes for the motor to cool down before turning back on. After this time has lapsed the brush should function correctly.
    • If no obstruction is found the belt may be broken or the brush roll may need to be checked.
      • To be safe, turn the unit off and remove the foot assembly from the unit. (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

53Y8 brush


      • Turn the foot assembly over to access the belt.


      • There are three (3) Philips head screws that need to be removed from the access plate.  (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

53Y8 screws


      • The belt and brush roll are located right below the access plate. Remove the brush roll to access the belt.  (SEE PICTURE BELOW)

53Y8 belt


      • With brush roll and belt removed, check the end caps on the brush roll and the housing for any damage. Also, check and clean any debris build-up on brush roll while it’s removed. If necessary, replace with a new belt and brush roll.

The brush can be ordered at  http://www.bissell.com/parts/?sc=part&partid=16441 and the belt is available at http://www.bissell.com/parts/?sc=part&partid=16442.


      • Check to make sure brush and belt move freely with new parts in place by rotating the brush roll by hand.
      • Reassemble belt cover and secure with three (3) screws.  
      • Then reattach foot assembly to unit making sure to hear it ‘click’ into place.



Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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