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My Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner has no or low suction at hose and base- what can I do?

Answer: We’re sorry you are experiencing no/low suction to the hose & floor of your Lift-Off® Deep Cleaner. Please follow these steps to assist with your machine.

A) Is the pod connected to the base of the machine? If the pod is connected to the base, you must disconnect the pod from the base to use the hose.
 a.If the machine is in upright mode, check to make sure the pod is securely placed on the base and attached completely. Detaching and reattaching from the base may be necessary to ensure proper connection. Check to make sure the pod is locked in placed by lifting up on the pod handle to pick up the machine. If the pod is loose in some areas, set machine down and try re-attaching the pod correctly to avoid gaps around the perimeter of the pod & base of machine.

B) Check floor nozzles for debris build up:
 a.Unplug the machine and remove pod from base.
 b.If top and bottom floor nozzles are clogged remove three screws:

       LODC Base 1   LODC screws   LODC Base 2

 c.The top nozzle will now lift off and can be rinsed under water. The floor nozzle can also be removed from end cap notches and rinsed under water to be cleaned.
 d.After cleaned, both can be replaced back on the machine. Allow all parts to fully air dry before replacing back on machine. 
  i.Insert the bottom nozzle so that the bottom slots align in their proper holes and rotate the nozzle upward.

       LODC Nozzle 1
  ii.The top nozzle should be inserted into the machine so that the notches insert down in the bottom nozzle before it can be rotated upward and secured with screws.

      LODC Nozzle 2   LODC Nozzle 3
  iii.The top nozzle should be flush to the bottom nozzle so that when your finger is rubbed along the seam there are no gaps.

     LODC Nozzle 4   LODC Nozzle 5

C) Remove pod & check floor nozzle. Are there any cracks, (large or small), in the upper or lower parts of the floor nozzle? If so, you’ll need a new floor nozzle. Please visit the parts on website to place order. http://www.bissell.com/lift-off-deep-cleaner/

    LODC Base 1

D) Check for suction at the motor duct gasket.
 a.Make sure motor duct gasket is not folded inward. The motor duct can be located by removing the dirty water tank.

    LODC Motor Duct

If Yes; there is suction at the motor-duct:
1) Check the red tank lint screen for debris. If the lint screen is dirty, the unit will have poor suction.  Clean the lint screen if necessary.
2) Check to make sure water & dirty tank are both seated properly to ensure good suction.
3) Remove both the tanks and make sure the red suction gate is not stuck to the right side of gate, (due to residual soap build-up). If it is, remove the suction gate door, (see steps below), and flip the suction gate back down with a flathead screwdriver. Be very careful as the gate is spring loaded.
4) Check to make sure the suction gate is not clogged. It may need to be cleaned of debris. The suction gate can be located by removing the dirty tank. NOTE: Make sure the suction gate door is properly closed once debris is removed. If suction gate door is not installed properly it will cause loss of suction.
 a.The suction gate cover can be removed by unscrewing two Philips head screws and lifting up. Once the cover is off, you may clean any debris from inside.

    LODC Suction Gate 1   LODC Suction Gate 2   LODC Suction Gate 3

5) Ensure the clean tank is seated properly on unit and the red rubber auto- load gasket in place correctly.

    LODC Red Gasket   LODC without red gasket
 a.If the gasket is missing, check inside the pod for the missing gasket (with the water tank removed).
 b.If the gasket is stuck in the base of the machine, it may be removed with a flathead screw driver (gently wiggled out of the crevice).

    LODC Red Gasket in Base
6) Make sure the cap on the bottom of the water tank is tightened completely.  Otherwise, it will create a gap and the machine will lose suction.
7) Check to see if float flap door is activating prematurely when the machine is turned on.
  *If so, please order a new a new dirty water tank assembly by following this link:  http://www.bissell.com/lift-off-deep-cleaner/
8) Make sure the dirty tank is not full.  Empty tank if necessary.
9) Make sure the hose is firmly attached to the side of the machine.  If not, wrap hose up snugly without pulling it out of the machine.

Please note: the unit will not suction from the hose with the pod secured to the base of the unit. If you are trying to use the hose & tools, the pod must be removed.

If you continue to experience no or low suction after performing these steps, please contact a BISSELL Authorized Service Center in your area. To locate a BISSELL Authorized Service Center, visit http://www.bissell.com/service-centers/. Enter you zip code in the Service Center box to perform the search.

For all other questions or concerns contact BISSELL Consumer Care at 1-800-237-7691, Monday- Friday 8 a.m.-10 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m. or Sunday 10 a.m.- 7 p.m. EST & a representative would gladly assist you.

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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