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Lift Off Deep Cleaner - no spray to the floor but sprays through the hose


1) Check the trigger for tension. If there is no tension, the handle may need to be replaced. Call BISSELL Consumer Services at 1-800-237-7691, ET.

2) Check to see if the solution filter is clogged:
 a. Step on release pedal and remove pod.
 b. Unscrew red solution filter cap on the base of the machine by inserting a coin or flathead screwdriver into the slot on the top. 
 c. Remove the white filter by lifting out by the post and rinse under water to clean.
 d. Replace the white filter back into the machine, making sure the filter is seated properly into the base before the red solution filter cap is inserted and tightened.
 e. Insert red cap and tighten by turning clockwise.


3) Check & clean spray tips for debris/clogs:
 a. Step on the release pedal and remove the pod.
 b. Press on the easy to remove spray tips tab to lift them out.

NOTE: place the right spray tip back on the right side of the unit & the left spray tip back on the left side of the unit for optimal cleaning performance. Flipping them around may reduce cleaning performance.

 c. Once the spray tips are lifted out, they may be brushed with an old toothbrush, soaked in warm water or rinsed in warm water to remove the debris/clog.
  d. Replace the spray tips back into the base by reversing the steps. They will hear them ‘click’ into place when they are snapped in properly.


4) Try pumping the trigger on the machine: If the machine will still not spray, turn the power ON, and pump the trigger for 1 minute. You are pumping the trigger to attempt to dislodge any additional debris in the line. (This is not to test trigger tension, just meant to clear additional debris).


5) Re-attach the handle:  If priming the unit fails to fix the problem, remove the handle completely and re-attach. Once the handle is re-attached re-attempt to spray.


 If the machine still does not spray, please take your machine to a local Service Center for inspection and repair.

To locate a BISSELL Authorized Service Center, click here.


Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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