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My ProHeat 2X will not spray through the hose but will spray to the floor. What should I check?

Answer: Please follow these steps to resolve the difficulty with no spray that you are experiencing on your ProHeat 2X.

A) Fill the 2-in-1 tank assembly with hot tap water* to try and flush
    the line by pulling on the trigger.

*Do not boil or microwave water as it will deform or damage the 2-in-1 tank bladder.*

B) Remove the tool on the end of the hose and check for spray
      a. Stretch the hose out and give it a few light tugs to release any
          kinks in the internal water supply hose.
      b. If still no spray with the tool removed try and clean the spray
          connector on the hose itself with a paperclip.
      c. Attempt to try cleaning out the spray tip on the tool with a paper
          clip or a soft bristle brush. An old toothbrush works well. If tool
          still does not spray, tool may require replacement. You can purchase
          a new tool on www.bissell.com or by contacting BISSELL Consumer Care.


To go directly to the ProHeat 2X parts page, please visit this web address. 
Scroll down the page for a complete list of parts and accessories.


If machine still does not spray through the hose, please contact a BISSELL
Authorized Service Center in your area. To locate a BISSELL Authorized
Service Center, visit http://www.bissell.com/service-centers/. Enter your
zip code in the Service Center box to perform the search.

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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