BISSELL Rewards Program FAQs

The Rewards Program provides an opportunity for BISSELL to thank YOU, our loyal consumer, for using the BISSELL web site and purchasing the BEST floorcare products ever. Read below to learn more about the program!

  • What is the Rewards Program?

    When you make purchases either online ( or at local retail stores, you can supply information here, which will translate to points under the Rewards Program. Purchases made up to 90 days before enrolling in the program can be counted towards the Rewards Program.

    These accumulated points will rank you in a specific tier. Each tier has different benefits, discounts and special offers.

    The Program is available to any individual who has enrolled in the BISSELL We Mean Clean Community and accepted the associated Membership Terms. Individuals may enroll My BISSELL.

  • How can I earn Rewards Points?

     Answer occasional survey questions and/or take quizzes online within the web site.
    Purchase BISSELL products at a retail location and enter the UPC number and the serial number in the MYRewards section of the BISSELL web site. You can find the UPC and Serial numbers on the label.
    Purchase BISSELL products and parts at, and you'll automatically receive your Rewards points!

  • What do I do with these Rewards Points?

    Your Rewards Points will automatically qualify you for a specific level of benefits on

    Benefits vary based on your level, but may include: monthly email newsletters, research project participation opportunities, rebate offers, 10% discount on, a free coupon, and free shipping on

    When you enter the UPC and Serial Numbers of BISSELL products under the MyRewards section, you will receive Rewards Points and be established on a specific level.

    If you are to receive FREE products or gifts on your established level, this will all be done automatically. You do not need to request.

    If there is any discount or Free Shipping and Handling on your established level, this will be reflected on your NEXT order.

  • How do I enter new purchases in the Rewards Program?

    As a new member of this program, you can receive Rewards Points for BISSELL products purchased within the last 90 days. These products are eligible if they were purchased through or your local retailers.
    To register your purchase, go to Select the Members tab, then BISSELL Rewards Program, then My Rewards. You may then log in to enter the UPC and Serial numbers to earn your Rewards Points.

  • What are the benefits of the Rewards Program?

    As a Member you will receive discounts on purchases ONLY. The percentage of discount will be determined by accumulated Reward Points for the 12 month period.

    Some of the benefits you could earn are; discounts on future purchases, free shipping and handling of orders, a free coupon and free monthly email newsletter. Benefits will be determined by the level you have achieved. The levels are as follows:

    Bronze: 01-25 points
    Silver: 26-50 points
    Gold: 51-100 points
    Platinum 101+ points

    The discount percentage, or benefits, available to you at each level is described on the BISSELL web site. To view, click here.

    Reward Points are not redeemable for cash and are non-transferable. The sale or barter of Reward Points, except by BISSELL, is expressly prohibited. Any Reward Points found to have been disposed of or obtained through sale or barter will be deemed void. Other exclusions and limitations may apply and will be listed on the BISSELL web site.

  • Where do I find the Products UPC Code for my Rewards Points?

    The UPC numbers are located underneath the bar code. These bar codes can be found on a sticker on the outside of the product's box or on the product label.
    Be sure to enter all 12 digits of the UPC Code.

    Your UPC Code should begin with a "0".

    If you have any questions regarding this code or entering it on our web site, please contact us at

  • How long do the Rewards Points remain on my account?

    Reward Points expire one year after the date when the Rewards Points were entered in the MyRewards Section of

  • What happens to my Rewards Points if I have a new email address?

    If you need to change the email address on your account, please select the MyAccount section of Enter your new email address in the field provided under the Edit Email Address page and click "Submit". All Rewards Points and additional information will now be stored under the new email address. Rewards Points cannot be transferred or combined with any other Members account.

  • How do I enter the Rewards Points if I threw away the box?

    If you require assistance with the UPC or Serial Numbers of your BISSELL products, please contact us at for assistance.

  • Where can I find the Serial Number for the BISSELL Product?

    The Serial Number for BISSELL Products can be found on the white or silver Motor Rating label on the machine.

    To see a complete listing of where to find your BISSELL product's Serial Number location, please select the Product UPC and Serial Numbers page under the Members/BISSELL Rewards Section.

Located on the white label above, usually on the back of the machine.

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